Farm Saved Seed (FSS)

The law of December 8, 2011 authorizes, for the first time, the use of seedlings for varieties protected by a French plant variety certificate, subject to remuneration of the breeder.


French law is in conformity with Community law which, since 1994, gives the farmer the freedom to produce and use on his farm seedlings of a variety protected solely by a Community plant variety certificate.


As part of the implementation of these national and Community legislation, the interprofessional agreement put in place in March 2014 was renewed for the 2025, 2026 and 2027 plantings.


This agreement provides farmers with the right to produce and use their farm seedlings on their farm, excluding any marketing or exchange of these seedlings, in return for payment to the breeder and, in the specific context of the potato plant, the maintenance of the sanitary quality of the territory.


The farm plant must be produced from certified plant.

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