About STET France

STET France Sarl was established in July 2016. The company is located in Bapaume in the ‘Hauts de France’ region.

The team consists of four people.

In 2024, the planted area of seed potatoes will be 440 ha, an increase of 16% compared to 2023.

10% of the area is for the Grand Export (Everest, El Mundo).

25% of the area for the Crisp market (SH C 1010, VR 808, SH C 909, ...).

65% of the area for the Fresh market (El Mundo, Brianna, Vitalia, Bricata, Bonnata, Camel, Royata, Cerata...).

STET France produces a total of 20 varieties in multiplication north of Paris and in Bretagne since 2021.


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